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July 2016


What is this SaaS thing?

We were recently surprised when a customer asked us ‘What is this SaaS thing you keep referring to in meetings, in your online help and on your social media sites’. So, we have decided to share our view of SaaS … More


Farewell Black Swans

Know Your Exposure. Be Prepared. Do you know where your firm’s risk is concentrated? In this blog we examine how can you better make your risk culture understood from the top down and reported accurately from the bottom up. Firstly, … More


WomenInFunds first network event a huge success

On 7th June, as part of FundForum International, AQMetrics launched the #WomenInFunds network. This year over 1,400 investment managers, intermediary investors and innovators attended Fund Forum International of which just 15% (approx 200) were women. A recent Wall Street Journal … More