A Little About Our History

AQMetrics was founded in 2012 by a blended team with deep experience in delivering regulatory risk and compliance solutions. We recognized that the accepted methods of managing risk and compliance were slow, outmoded and inefficient. We drew upon our backgrounds in technology, law and financial services to build a platform that performed markedly better. The AQMetrics platform has been tested, proven and perfected.

Our Vision

In an increasingly complex world our vision is to deliver a simple, effective and innovative way to address regulatory risk and compliance. We leverage the latest cloud computing and big data analytics technology to deliver an ultra-fast, high quality cloud based platform that saves our clients time and money. AQMetrics wants to be the leader in regulatory risk and compliance services for financial firms worldwide. We’re on our way.

Board of Directors

Geraldine Gibson, CEO

Geraldine Gibson


Claire Savage, COO

Claire Savage


Shay Garvey, Director

Shay Garvey



The AQMetrics management team has a world of experience in the financial services arena. More importantly, we have the hunger to be excellent every day, constantly improving what we provide for our clients. Here’s our core leadership team.

Geraldine Gibson, CEO

Geraldine Gibson


Claire Savage, COO

Claire Savage


Steve Barnes, CTO

Steve Barnes


Barry McCarthy, CFO

Barry McCarthy



AQMetrics benefits from our well-trained and seasoned team members. We’re always seeking great people. will get your resume in front of us.

Cathal Connolly, Head of Global Regulatory Reporting

Cathal Connolly

Head of Global Regulatory Reporting

Lorna Devlin, Sales Information Manager

Lorna Devlin

Sales Information Manager

Andrew Fox, Quantitative Engineer

Andrew Fox

Quantitative Engineer

Lorraine Lyons, Business Development

Lorraine Lyons

Business Development

Jody Collins, Product Analyst

Jody Collins

Product Analyst

John Hendrick, Product Analyst

John Hendrick

Product Analyst

Ray Payne, Office Manager

Ray Payne

Office Manager

Nora Grendon, Human Resources Manager

Nora Grendon

Human Resources Manager

Michal Mizgala, Lead Front End Engineer

Michal Mizgala

Lead Front End Engineer

Iestyn Dalli, Javascript Engineer

Iestyn Dalli

Javascript Engineer

Lihao Sun, Front End Engineer

Lihao Sun

Front End Engineer

Wesley Cooper, Database Architect

Wesley Cooper

Database Architect

Corporate Social Responsibility

The AQMetrics team firmly believe that CSR is the obligation of all companies, both large and small, in the ecosystem.

Likewise we believe that every team member should be involved in contributing to our CSR programme. At AQMetrics we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.


We are committed to building a diverse team. We believe that diverse teams produce stronger, more sustainable companies.


We share our expertise with communities that can benefit from our skills. We are active in CoderDojo, a volunteer lead movement mentoring kids to creatively code.


We offer meaningful internships and employment opportunities in the local community.


We are an active industry partner with, an organisation dedicated to building an inclusive Smart Economy by creating technical skills for those at risk of unemployment long term. We help to enable greater access to employment for marginalised job seekers.