Chief Revenue Officer


At AQMetrics we know that siloing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success doesn’t work because we have a subscription-based revenue model. This is why AQMetrics is looking for a Chief Revenue Officer who understands holistically how SaaS revenue is generated and how necessary it is to optimize that revenue and reinvest it correctly. As our revenue maverick you will work closely with the CEO, and the Customer Success, Sales and Marketing teams to turn AQMetrics vision into a long-term revenue growth strategy. We are looking for a visionary ‘Revenue Architect’ accountable for driving better integration and alignment between all revenue-related operations (RevOps). If RevOps is your thing, then you should come talk with us!


  • Full revenue responsibility, lead the Sales and Marketing operations (RevOps) for AQMetrics globally.
  • Play a pivotal role in driving revenue growth faster. Become the catalyst for AQMetrics revenue performance management initiative and the steward of its success across all sales and marketing operations.
  • Work with the CEO to optimize existing revenue models and create new revenue streams.
  • Be the liaison between the CEO and the RevOps organization.
  • Be a business leader, work with the COO to ensure customer success, through measurement and analysis of productivity and effectiveness; sync with the CFO to determine budget trade-offs with a goal of continually improving results. Collaborate across the entire management team to ensure revenue growth with the AQMetrics long-term perspective in mind.
  • Communicate the revenue strategy across Sales and Marketing functions; monitor the strategy as the team executes, and focus the team on executing the right goals.
  • Align Sales, Marketing, and CRM to create the best possible prospective Customer experience. Optimize the AQMetrics Customer Journey to increase AQMetrics market share.
  • Create a culture of accountability across Customer Success, Sales and Marketing by setting the right metrics and tying compensation and promotions to real results.
  • Have a holistic view across both Sales and Marketing to get the most out of investments in both (and making the right trade-offs), while also making the greatest impact on revenue growth.
  • Be able to effortlessly move between a long-term, integrated perspective, and the short-term sales horizon. Have a passion for driving quarterly revenue results in balance with longer-term marketing programs. Commit to short-term results, forecast future revenue, and take accountability for both short-term success and longer-term strategy.


  • Cross functional management experience across Sales, Marketing and CRM functions.
  • Proven track record in C-suite collaboration. A seasoned executive, business leader, and diplomat who knows how to effortlessly navigate externally at C level and internally from the board through to individual functions at AQMetrics.
  • Tech Savvy, previous experience using data visualization, content marketing, and infographics as part of a Sales and Marketing strategy.
  • The ability to collect customer data to inform business decisions. Using data to proactively address customer issues to drive more predictable revenue.
  • Be adept at monetizing the digital marketing landscape.
  • A product and tech background coupled with past experience in a SaaS sales leadership role


  • Achieve growth targets as well as scaling and aligning all revenue-connected aspects of the business
  • Clear communication of RevOps strategy across the company
  • Alignment between Sales, Marketing, and Operations as part of the RevOps framework
  • Revenue focused incentives and organizational strategies
  • You will be the business leader responsible for the performance, strategy and alignment of all RevOps at AQMetrics.

Come join the award winning AQMetrics and help lead our revenue revolution!

AQMetrics has sound financial backing and an excellent, experienced leadership team. You will be part of a wider global ambitious team, driven by a passion surrounding everything that they do. If you still have the drive to elevate your career and grasp this opportunity, then we want to hear from you, send your CV to