Database Architect / Designer

AQMetrics is looking for an experienced Database Architect/Designer to work as part of  our platform technology team

As a Database Architect/Designer, you’ll be working on challenging data problems, creating new and robust data architectures, and supporting new feature development that is highly scalable, maintainable, secure, reportable and fits in our continuous integration/deployment infrastructure.

Come work with AQMetrics. We’ve got big plans.


  • Design Entity Relationships across AQMetrics platform schemas and tables
  • Design DDL and DML for extension of AQMetrics existing platform technology
  • Design Data interfaces for AQMetrics into third party fund accounting, fund administration, order management, portfolio management, trade and exchange systems
  • Develop and communicate database standards and best practices as appropriate
  • Solve complex database design issues
  • Develop and evaluate database infrastructure performance criteria and measurement methods
  • Continuously review the database infrastructure and capacity to allow for significant month on month growth in client data onboarding
  • Conduct database architecture design, feasibility, and cost studies
  • Automate life-cycle management of database schemas and much more
  • Adhere to ISO27001, PCI/SOC and other security requirements in accordance with standards, policies and procedures
  • Contribute as part of a team of software engineers building the next generation software solutions
  • Build and manage databases for our high performance infrastructure

Key Skills Required

  • Ability to independently analyze and solve complex technical problems.
  • Must be able to assess, research, and propose solutions to technical problems without support.
  • Ability to assimilate and apply new technologies through independent research.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must, with a demonstrated ability to communicate with a variety of people to explain technical situations and present information
  • B.S in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Data Science or Data Analytics, or related field
  • 4+ years’ experience in data modeling and architecture principles
  • Securities industry knowledge and the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol is an advantage
  • 4+ years’ experience with a relational database such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Strong understanding of Data Architecture design process, methodology, and high level of understanding of business environment, strategy and needs
  • High-level understanding of the theories, methodologies and principles underlying technical analysis, design and implementation of software applications, systems, and/or databases
  • Proven expert analytical and design skills at multi-product/multi-environment levels as well as an in-depth experience in research and analysis, project planning and implementation
  • Experience as a Database Administrator
  • Familiarity with programmatic access to the database (e.g. APIs)
  • Experience scaling the capacity of a database using techniques like caching or sharding
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to learn and adapt in a rapidly changing environment
  • In-depth knowledge of the entire development process, including specification, documentation and quality assurance