Balllybunion Capital Funds Management

The Customer

Ballybunion Capital is an AIFM investment manager of regulated funds, specialising in private equity, structured funds, emerging and frontier markets and other alternative asset classes.

The Need

Ballybunion required an AIFMD AnnexIV regulatory filing solution for private equity funds, that could ingest the data in its native format and report to the local regulator in a timely, operationally efficient manner.

The AQMetrics Service Benefits

AQMetrics  simplifies Ballybunion Capital’s Annex IV reporting process with minimum impact to the day-to-day operations. AQMetrics ingests portfolio valuations data, contextualises the data and aggregates exposures with minimum involvement from the customer. AQMetrics ensures that all reports are submitted directly to the regulators, with final sign off being the only step required from the customer.