The Markets We Serve

AQMetrics was built to serve firms of all sizes. Big firms and small take advantage of the AQMetrics platform. We work in both Europe and in the US. We work cross border too as many of our clients are global firms. All clients, large and small, benefit from our scalability and technological expertise. It’s one of the reasons why AQMetrics has thrived. The platform fits the market requirements.

Fund Managers

Fund managers have been profit challenged as markets throughout the world have been in flux. For many fund managers margins have been squeezed and so cost containment is more important than ever. This makes AQMetrics a clear choice risk and compliance solution among managers. It is easy to always be compliant with AQMetrics whilst saving money at the same time. Particularly for regulatory reporting, AQMetrics is the most cost effective solution in the marketplace.

Case Studies


The AQMetrics platform works equally well for ManCos of all types. Our cloud-based platform means no delay for super ManCos in keeping ahead of risk oversight. What’s more, startup ManCos can service their clients’ regulatory reporting requirements in a cost effective manner through a scalable solution that can scale as and when needed. The cloud is the great equalizer, performing equally efficiently for ManCos regardless of the size or scope of their businesses.

Case Studies

Fund Administrators

The concept of simplifying regulatory risk and compliance has little to do with the magnitude of a financial institution. That’s why the AQMetrics platform is the platform of choice for large and small fund administrators alike. We have earned the trust of fund administrators for a very simple reason. We are experts in our field and we perform. It’s as simple as that.

Case Studies