Automated Data Integration

  • Golden Data Source
  • Consolidated Market Data
  • 3rd party APIs
  • Partner APIs
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Risk Analytics and Insights

  • VaR
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Stress Testing
  • Risk Exposure Analytics
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Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting

  • Board dashboards
  • Supervisory control portal
  • Risk control workflow
  • Regulatory reporting
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Alerts via any method and any device, including email, text message, dashboard, or instant message.


Role based security increases network security and minimizes unauthorized users privileges.


Real time market data feeds integrated with risk analytics per securities and at aggregated levels.


Documentation management keeps all documents and associated audit trails in one place.


Reports for boards, employees, investors and regulators – in the format they want, and when they need them the most.


All embedded information is transformed into easy to find knowledge asset filters.

Putting It All Together

The AQMetrics platform puts it all together for you. It simply keeps your firm updated, informed and compliant. After all, isn’t that what you want — to be compliant, without the overhead.



Benefits of Our Platform



Data, risk monitoring and compliance reporting in one place

You know how it goes. Or at least how it used to go. Data came from multiple sources. Risk monitoring was performed by multiple tools. And regulatory reporting was a manual, labor intensive, error prone task. This used to mean unnecessary complexity for how your firm addressed risk and compliance. With the AQMetrics platform we have solved this kind of complexity in one single cloud-based service.


Always be compliant

If you have the goal of reducing downtime and regulatory errors the AQMetrics service is for you. Here’s why. In the financial industry we know that the one constant is regulatory change. So we have designed the AQMetrics platform to simply scale as new regulations emerge.  Since our platform is cloud based, change is made easy, as our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Solutions (DRS) are far more robust and reliable than in-house tactical software.


Retaining knowledge across your firm

By utilizing the AQMetrics platform regulatory and compliance information stays in house and is distributed in real time throughout your organization. You don’t have to wait for consulting reports or lawyers’ opinions. What you need is accessible anywhere, on any device and anytime.


Saving big on technology and staff

In the past some of the largest expenses for any risk and regulatory compliance effort were: 1) buying soon to be outdated technology and 2) recruiting expensive staff to manage it. That’s not the case anymore. With AQMetrics we have developed the software, technical infrastructure and support staff to make risk and regulatory compliance management effective and efficient. AQMetrics creates intuitive, easy to use, robust and quality software products that are automatically kept up to date with regulatory change so that you always know your risk and be compliant.


Reducing third party involvement and costs

Regulatory risk and compliance used to suggest an army of outside lawyers and consultants to help your firm keep up. The AQMetrics platform reduces the need for third party involvement. With AQMetrics outside consulting costs and legal fees decrease dramatically.


Transparent pricing and predictable invoicing

The pricing model for AQMetrics is transparent and coherent. Sign-up for the AQMetrics cloud-based service and pay as you go and for filing events. It’s simple, predictable.