Global leader in Fund Services

The Customer

A global quality leader in the trust and corporate services sector, providing a broad range of specialized administrative services to multinational corporations, financial institutions, alternative investment funds and private clients from every corner of the world.

The Need

Due to the global nature of the Customer, a cross-border compliance solution was required. This solution had to meet regulatory reporting requirements in multiple jurisdictions, without significant operational overhead.

The AQMetrics Service Benefits

AQMetrics provides the Customer with an on-demand, cloud-based service for regulatory reporting.  The AQMetrics service simplifies cross jurisdictional compliance complexities and provided an efficient, cost effective solution seamlessly filing into regulators in Sweden(Finansinspektionen), Germany (BaFIN), Norway (Finanstilsynet), Denmark (Finanstilsynet), Finland (Finansivalvonta) and the UK (FCA).