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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes. A pandemic situation is one of the scenarios tested within of AQMetrics’ annual Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery/Crisis Management planning cycle.
  • This Crisis Management Plan ensures AQMetrics has implemented the necessary actions to continue to function effectively over a sustained crisis/emergency period.
  • The Crisis Management plan, which covers this pandemic outbreak, is sponsored by the AQMetrics Executive leadership team. It is executed by a dedicated Crisis Management Team.

  • Provisions for the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers
  • Mitigations for likely business disruptions to critical services
  • Identification of business interdependencies and implementation of alternative solutions
  • Frequent and comprehensive internal and external communications

  • Yes. It is comprised of Executive Leadership and multiple employees from HR, Customer Success, Facilities and others
  • The Pandemic Response Team documents and is responsible for taking predetermined actions, which are developed prior to any event and are adaptable to multiple crisis scenarios, including when triggered by emerging public health situations and the associated global impacts
  • The team regularly monitors emerging public health emergencies as determined by the appropriate authorities. Its actions are informed by the recommendations of the World Health Organization, and others.

  • Yes. Business functions’ staff are categorised into teams in a way that key staff are identified with alternative working arrangements to ensure the most critical processes are adequately resourced and staffed irrespective of the crisis situation.

Customer communication will continue through normal channels including our online support portal, which is available 24/7, email and telephone communication. Partners and customers are asked to re-issue any physical correspondence (post etc.) electronically during the crisis period.


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