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’40 Act Registered Funds

At AQMetrics, we believe that understanding the ‘risk and reward’ profile of a ’40 Act fund can be simplified.

Why Investment Managers choose AQMetrics for ’40 Act Registered Funds

By simplifying the calculation and presentation of ’40 Act fund risk information, our ’40 Act risk management solution uses client and market data to deliver a completely independent, full-service measurement solution that eases the complexity and cost of ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our ‘rules engine’ consists of rules libraries that combine both hard rules, which are codified to match regulatory rules, and soft rules, which are client specific allowing adjustments to parameters in line with internal risk parameters.

Our solution automatically calculates VaR and continually runs stress tests to complement its VaR estimation. Best of all though, the parameters for VaR reporting are flexible and can be changed by end-users as required – giving you complete control and confidence in our solution.

Our reporting system provides clients with a complete solution that’s designed to ensure you meet all internal and regulatory reporting commitments, efficiently and effectively. With an extensive catalogue of reports available on our platform, you can choose the set of reports that suit your specific requirements.

With Explainable AI technology, users are empowered to automate risk and compliance decision-making in a way that is accountable, transparent and trustworthy.

The AQMetrics difference

One Platform

With a single platform addressing all your risk and compliance needs, your firm can eliminate the need for multiple, disparate solutions.

Dependable Data

With automated data feeds and self-service data management, your firm has always accurate, always available insights.

Automated Workflow

With a platform blending quantitative analysis and explainable AI workflows, your firm’s compliance decision making is fully transparent.

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’40 Act Registered Funds

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