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Administrators of Regulated Funds

Traditionally a regulated fund expected a fund administrator to provide just fund accounting and transfer agency. Now in a world of highly demanding and ever evolving regulatory requirements, fund managers with regulated funds under management expect their administrators to undertake a much broader role to support multiple operational areas across risk, regulatory reporting and compliance. A single platform can provide this.

Why administrators of regulated funds choose AQMetrics

With AQMetrics, fund administrators can offer regulated funds such as UCITS and ’40 Act registered funds out-of-the-box regulatory rules and user-defined rules to detect advertent and inadvertent breaches and errors.

Three-way flexible data management
1. Flexible APIs allow automation with real time error handling and reporting.
2. Self-service batch uploads places the power in the hands of the business user.
3. Intuitive data maintenance hub for multi-asset, multi-fund and multi-jurisdictional data management.

Pre and post-trade compliance monitoring and risk control provide your risk team with the ability to monitor investment breaches on a real-time basis. Our platform empowers users to make better-informed, risk-compliant decisions, using platform-wide alert management, workflow and data insights.

Report your risk position in multiple tailored formats.
1. Self-service dashboards provide a view specific to the user’s role
2. Hierarchical risk reports aggregate the data for both the board and investors
3. Transparency reports allow your risk team to understand all models used

A golden data source underpins the platform, driven by a global security master. Regulatory reports across multiple jurisdictions include UCITS 1.1, Form N-PORT, Form NCEN.
Our unique pattern-based approach to regulatory reporting, allows agile changes to existing reports and rollout of emerging reports.

Core to AQMetrics platform is the inbuilt workflow that’s designed to manage scalability; this ensures that as your team grows, individual workloads remains stable.

With Explainable AI technology, users are empowered to automate risk and compliance decision-making in a way that is accountable, transparent and trustworthy.

With automated MMF reporting, the regulatory reporting journey is transformed in a way that removes data collection processes, removes regulatory report preparation and transports the end-user effortlessly to MMF report sign off from initial login.

Administrators of Regulated Funds

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The AQMetrics difference

One Platform

With a single platform addressing all your risk and compliance needs, your firm can eliminate the need for multiple, disparate solutions.

Dependable Data

With automated data feeds and self-service data management, your firm has always accurate, always available insights.

Automated Workflow

With a platform blending quantitative analysis and explainable AI workflows, your firm’s compliance decision making is fully transparent.

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