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Fund Management Companies

Our intuitive, user-friendly platform offers integrated regulatory reporting, risk analytics, rules and workflow engines. The result of this intelligent design is that all functions can be accessed, very easily, in one place.

Why fund management companies choose AQMetrics

Our platform is equally suitable for large global institutions and smaller management companies who face the same regulatory compliance issues – and who need access to the same high-quality solution.

Our intuitive, real-time software provides your regulatory and risk team with all the insights they need.

Demonstrate compliance and oversight, with daily risk dashboards, rule-based risk monitoring, alert management and workflow tools. Demonstrate evidence-based controls, backed with automated, enriched audit trails.

Comes with an inbuilt workflow that’s designed to manage scalability; this ensures that as your team grows, individual workloads remains stable.

With Explainable AI technology, users are empowered to automate risk and compliance decision-making in a way that is accountable, transparent and trustworthy.

Fund Management Companies

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The AQMetrics difference

One Platform

With a single platform addressing all your risk and compliance needs, your firm can eliminate the need for multiple, disparate solutions.

Dependable Data

With automated data feeds and self-service data management, your firm has always accurate, always available insights.

Automated Workflow

With a platform blending quantitative analysis and explainable AI workflows, your firm’s compliance decision making is fully transparent.

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