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Meet the Team: Cathal Connolly


At AQMetrics we have a highly skilled, experienced and diverse workforce with wide ranging backgrounds. Today, we introduce you to our Head of Global Regulatory Reporting, Cathal Connolly.


Head of Global Regulatory Reporting. I also look after the customer success team.

Describe your job in three words:

Challenging, changing, interesting. No two days are the same.

What are you working on right now? 

Right now we are helping our US clients with their form PF, 13F & CPO filings. It can be somewhat complex, and some of the file sizes can be very large, especially at larger and more sophisticated firms, but it’s all part of the job as we continue to expand into the US.

And I’ll help with any client on-boarding. The on-boarding is split among the customer success team depending on their capacity. In recent weeks we’ve on-boarded a number of MiFID II reporting clients, and we are in the process of on-boarding some clients for the upcoming ESMA liquidity stress test regulations.  

What does a typical day look like?

It really does vary. When there are regulatory reporting deadlines coming up, a lot of my day will be filled with helping clients with their regulatory reporting filings and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Otherwise I might also be supporting sales with their calls and demos, or helping to on-board clients as I’ve mentioned. The customer success team will also answer any client queries or questions that come in ASAP. Customer delight is a core value of the firm, and we want our clients to be as satisfied as possible.

How has your background helped with your role in AQMetrics?

My background in accounting and fund administration has provided me with the knowledge needed for my role here in AQMetrics as Head of Global Regulatory Reporting. I’ve worked on numerous different fund types from completion of NAVs to pricing verification of portfolios. This experience has helped me understand our client’s models and their portfolio for regulatory compliance.

I’ve also worked at some of the world’s largest administrators, setting up their regulatory reporting function and ensuring their regulatory knowledge was compliant. My team has a similar background to myself, and together we embed the funds knowledge into AQMetrics’ automated platform. The firms we work with are assured that the team here truly understand their requirements.

Best thing about working in AQMetrics?

The ability to build and deliver an amazing product and application to our customers and industry. Working so closely with our engineering team means I can see the deep domain knowledge of the customer success’ team being automated into the platform.

Who would you most like to swap places with for the day and why?

Joe Schmidt, the former Irish rugby coach. He’s a genius, and somehow manages to stay humble and down to earth.

Last book you read?

“The Test”, Brian O’Driscoll’s autobiography. With a young family I don’t have much time to read.

Website you visit the most?

Sky Sports. I like to keep up to speed with the sports news.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled the world playing rugby, and have visited some countries that I would have never had the opportunity to visit otherwise. I’ve been to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, Austria, just to name a few.


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