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Meet the Team: Pankaj Tejwan


At AQMetrics we have a highly skilled, experienced and diverse workforce with wide ranging backgrounds. Today, we introduce you to our Head of QA Engineering, Pankaj Tejwan.

Describe your job in three words:

Challenging, rewarding and professional.

What are you working on right now?

Currently I’m working on MiFID II, as we are adding new features to the functionality of our MiFID II reporting solution. My work involves testing these new enhancements, as well as doing regression testing on existing functionality. We like to believe that we are an innovative team at AQMetrics, so we are always working on evolving our software and adding new features or solutions.

I’m also taking interviews for new hires in QA team and working closely with HR as we look to expand in 2020. If you’re a qualified QA engineer looking for a new challenge, feel free to reach out!

What does a typical day look like?

My day typically starts with checking emails for any updates on existing or upcoming work. This includes replying to emails and following up on outstanding queries.

Next up, I’ll look at the report from automation scripts which run overnight. This includes investigating and troubleshooting failed test cases. I’ll then login in JIRA to check any new issues or tickets raised by anyone in AQMetrics. If the issue is known I update the ticket by leaving a comment on it and linking the existing ticket number logged for the issue. There’s also following up on tickets that are on priority for the upcoming release, and retesting tickets that are in ready for QA state.

Aside from this, there’s also troubleshooting and replying to any queries from customer success team – who deal directly with our clients. That’s done whenever needed.

Overall, it’s certainly a busy time to be a QA engineer right now; not only are we on-boarding a number of new clients, but we’ve also got a pretty busy product pipeline for 2021. It’s certainly exciting.

How has your background helped with your role in AQMetrics?

I have an engineering degree in Information & Technology and had 10 years of work experience in QA before joining AQMetrics.

My previous work was varied: I have worked with big, small, and mid-sized teams, in a range of different roles. I’ve also managed small and midsized teams in my previous workplace(s), which helps now that we are building out a QA team at AQMetrics.

I’ve also worked in project-based and product-based environments, which helps again because a lot of what we’re doing at AQMetrics is product and project-based, depending on the solutions we’re working on for our clients.

So it’s fair to say that my background has helped me a lot in my role in AQMetrics, where everyone works closely with members from different teams on daily basis. Being proactive, taking ownership and being approachable to everyone is a key to work in a fast-growing environment like AQMetrics. And it makes for a good work environment too.

Best thing about working in AQMetrics?

We get lot of freedom in our working environment which I feel is the best thing about AQMetrics. Not getting micro-managed shows trust from your manager and organization, and it inspires you to work hard and take control of what you have to do.

What websites do you visit the most?

Stackoverflow, Github, Investopedia, and Yahoo Finance. 

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know.

I was part of the rowing team (novice level) in Neptune Club Dublin, for more than a year, without knowing how to swim. Apparently swimming is essential for rowing, since the skinny boats are highly unstable, especially in rough weather. I never told anyone, and luckily I never fell in!


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