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At AQMetrics our mission is to deliver the richest cloud technology to our customers, allowing them to attain the greatest levels of agility and cost-saving, through automation, management efficiency and unrivaled self-service. Our vision is to provide clearly focused and relevant services and products to all our customers. We value integrity and security and understand that security is of paramount importance to our customers. Security has been implemented in every layer of our cloud application architecture. We take security very seriously, both physical and information-wise, and as a result our customers benefit from our investments when using our services.

AQMetrics offers:

  • An innovative modular solution for Risk Management, Data Management, Analytics and Reporting
  • A holistic software solution that meets existing, evolving and emerging financial regulations
  • AQMetrics software currently covers the following:
    • Financial Regulatory Risk Management and Compliance
      • AIFMD Risk Management
      • AIFMD Annex IV Reporting
      • AML, KYC and Name Screening
      • COREP and FINREP Reporting
      • EMIR Reporting
      • OPERA Reporting
      • UCITS Risk Management
    • Advanced Analytics
      • Market Abuse Detection
      • Back Testing and Stress Testing
      • Sensitivity Analysis
      • VaR

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Compliance Risk Management

AQMetrics Integrated compliance risk management portal provides firms with:

    • Integrated market data and third party data management
    • Case management and workflow functionality across the following areas:
      • Market surveillance.
      • Personal Account Trading (PAT)
      • Control Room

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AIFMD and OPERA Reporting

AQMetrics provides data  aggregation and formatting of AIFMD  (“Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive”) reports for:

  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Real estate funds
  • Retail non-UCITS funds
  • Non-EU funds managed or marketed in the EU

OPERA (“Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation”) compliance is a key strategy for many firms. AQMetrics supports the industry-wide OPERA standards and AQMetrics OPERA  reporting suite is OPERA  compliant.

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Virtual Data Management

Many firms have siloed data to meet their reporting requirements but with the emergence of new requirements it has become clear that a holistic and integrated approach to regulatory compliance management and risk aggregation is needed.

Following on from intensive research and completion of a detailed data dictionary AQMetrics has created a virtual data management application. This data management tool can be used to organise, contextualise  and prepare a firms data. The software is built with big data analytics and complex event processing at its core.

Emerging initiatives like LEI means that firms are challenged to reclassify their data, using AQMetrics virtual data management firms can effectively and efficiently overcome this issue.

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Advanced Analytics

Using AQMetrics advanced analytic application firms can take advantage of:

  • Visual Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Scenario backtesting
  • What if Analysis
  • Big Data Analytics

This gives firms a deeper insight into organisation wide risks specifically in the area of regulation and compliance.

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